News of 2012


* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)

* New picture Lin Shi (Azur & Loox)


* Up-date Luna Tale Current
- next event :-)
- winter-walk pictures part 1

* New video Jack @ 12 weeks

* Shy Jack ...

* Our new banner

* Ultrasound was clear, ... Leelee is pregnant from Loox


* New pictures pups (Jimi & Jara)
Puppy 5 & 6 are still looking for a new home !


* One year ago ...
Vigo, Ness, Tattoo & Fire
The first litter of Pip and also Loox
A happy birthday to this quartet !

* Handsome earned a 1st place in the NOVICE class doggydance and furthermore, create a special prize for the whole day for the best act!


* New picture Tattoo & Ness

* New picture Leo , Lennon, Lordkaya

* With 98/100 Lordkaya can go to class C obedience !

* New puppy pictures (Azur & Loox)

* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)

* Faline is pregnant of our lovely Jimi


* New pictures Jack

* New pictures pups (Jimi & Jara)

* Lucan took 79,5/80 during his obedience exam

* Jessy Belgium Champion beginners Doggy Dance.

* Em stood 2x on the platform in class 3


* New pictures Jack

* His first video is a fact !!!


* New pictures pups (Jimi & Jara)

* New puppy pictures (Azur & Loox)

* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)


* Jimi our FCI dog but WOW
Great balance, reads sheep perfectly, can move all types of sheep, never loose one & has perfect flanks.
On the field with sheep you can see Jimi how he is
and for what he was born !
This video is made in November 2012


* Loox his main sport is Agility,
he was just 2 years of age and he already could start class 3 highest FCI competitions.
But he's doing some obedience in winter as well
but also now and then he gets some sheep
to work on in winter time.
This video is made in November 2012
at this time Loox wasn't on sheep for 6 months so we didn't expect much and were highly surprised
what he showed us,
like always he's given himself 200%

Enjoy watching this boy that always want to do it right !


* Loox will become a daddy around 25/01
with beautiful Leelee from the Netherlands.

* New puppy pictures (Azur & Loox)

* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)

* New matting's are planed, Loox & Turbo

* Herding video of Loox & Jimi is coming soon !!!


* A movie star Kota is born
now in a commercial :-)
In the commercial: Kota stopped his owner from buying a puppy from on-line puppy store, rescued one from animal shelter and took him home.

* One week and Jack is the house !

* New matting's are planed Roy & Kiri


* Jimi his first puppy's are born !!!

* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)

* Haley is selected for the
Trophy Der Low Countries - Congratulations Ann !

* New picture Lego (Loox & Emi)


* New pictures Jimi

* The first glimpse of our new edition "Jack"

* Haley 2th at the AC and 6th at the JC (Saturday)
and 2x 7th on Sunday.

* Loox 8th at the AC and a refusal on the JC (Sat)
7th with 1 bar on the AC and 5that the JC (Sun) .

* Jedi 2th at the AC and 4th at the game.

* Lordkaya got a score of 99/100 during the test for going to the "B" class obedience.

* Jimi will be a father again around 19/01
more at Pups expected from our males !


* New video Roy

* Agility is just a trick for Loox

* New puppy pictures (Azur & Loox)


* New puppy pictures's (Phoebe & Roy)

* Yep yep Bess her first agility video is online !!!

* New matting's are planed Loox & Lizz


* The pups at Magique Dune
from our stud dog Loox are already 2 weeks !!!
See here the new pictures

* New matting soon from Jimi


* Leelee from the kennel From Lets Border
is in season and will be matted with our
Italian stud dog Loox


* Haley ended 1th and Loox 3th
during the ceremony of all inter clubs from 2012

* Ghyro ended 3th in the B-class obedience

* New puppy pictures (Azur & Loox)

* New puppy pictures (Phoebe & Roy)

* New picture Loy (Jay & Loox)


03-11 * Roy will become a daddy soon !!!!

* 08.00u Phoebe 36,8°
* 19.20u Phoebe is doing well but become
more and more restless

04-11 * And waiting ...
* 13.52u 1st pup - blue merle male 370gr
* 14.48u 2th pup - blue merle girl 380gr
* 15.30u 3th pup - black/white male 350gr
* 17.19u 4th pup - blue merle male 370gr
* 17.55u 5th pup - blue merle male 350gr
* 19.24u 6th pup - blue merle male 340gr
* 19.36u 7th pup - blue merle girl 350gr
* 20.55u 8th pup - black/white male 370gr


* New pictures Bess

* New herding video Bess

* Pictures of Loox his new pups


* Joy ended on a nice 2th place at the JC
and a 4th place at the AC in Estonia.

* New pictures of Roy herding

* Loox is a daddy again, soon more ...


* Our Jimi his first offspring with Jara

* New picture Lio (Emi & Loox)

* New picture Kain, Crazy & Jess (Humble & Caine)

* New picture Kahn (Geeny & Caine)


* Cute ran 2x clear at the Antwerp Championship for veterans and obtained a 1st place at the JC and a 2nd place in the AC, overall they were nice 2nd!

* Roy ran with his team a 2nd place
at the Antwerp Championship !

* Toya ran a 1st place at the OC in the Netherlands

* Jedi ran a 2nd place at the OC in the Netherlands

* Ghyro took the 6th place in the B-class obedience

* New "power & speed" picture Bess


* Lord Kaya took 100/100 points during his
obedience exam !!!
He's such a perfect boy :o)



* Haley received yesterday a 2nd place in the JC and a 3rd place in the AC and so she got 2 tickets home!
Next season Haley will also be admired in grade 3 :o)

* Shadow can be seen on our homepage photo with his new flock in the Netherlands.


Moontje in her "WC Agility 2012 Liberec pose ' They danced and sang to 4 times as loud for
her dearest friend Pip :
Stand up for my champion, for my champion, stand up !

* We dreamed very secretly from 1 faultless round,
but we we got 2 :-)
The team jumping was even good for a 4th place!
The individual agility was good for 33st place
out of 142 dogs.

* Here a overview of Pip her World Cup experience.


* Happy B-day to our Loox that become 2 today!


* Our Caine was again amazing during the fly ball competition last Sunday were he ended on the 1th place in the morning and a 1th place with 3/0 in the FINALE !

* Happy Birthday Caine and his
siblings they become 4 years already.

* Phoebe is pregnant so Roy will become a daddy :-)

* Azur confirm pregnant so Loox will become a daddy.

* Vigo succeeded in his behavior test

* Agility WC news is coming soon ...

14 Years ago we saw you for the first ...
it was love at first sight, although I was convinced of a black / white bc
with a beautiful blaze and a full white collar :o)
You were quite different yet you were everything I was looking for and that you still are!


* The date of the LT winter walk 2012 is online.

* New video Bess

* New video Moon


One more week to go and Pip will compete at the biggest event of the year :
World Agility Competition 2012 - Liberec!
She's ready for it ! See you all there next week.


* Loox ran 2 times clear and ended 2 times on the 1st place in class 2

* Moon ran 3x clear and ended 2 times on the 5th place and one time on the 3th place in class 2

* Pip ran 3 clear runs last weekend and ended 2 times on the 1st place and once on the 3th place in class 3

* Haley ran 4 clear runs and ended even 4th at the Open Agility course !!!

* Fraika also run a clean JC in class 3

* Jinn also run a clean JC in class 2


* Jimi expect his first offspring with Jara
around 21 of November !

* New pictures Bess


Luna Tale bc's
did it again last weekend !

* Caine ended 3th in the morning and a 2th place in the afternoon during the flyball competition

* Roy finished in 3th place at the
agility championship of his dog school grade 1

* Moon ran 3 clear runs this weekend in class 2

* Pip ended 1st place at the JC on Saturday, and 2th place at the JC on Sunday and a
place at the AC from all Belgium runners :-)

* Hush ended on the 7th place at the JC grade 1

* Haley ended on the 5th place at the AC and so
again a ticket more to go to class 3 !

* Gyhro ended on the 7th place in the B-class at the NK Obedience 2012

* Jessy ended on the 1st place on the
Doggy Dance competition


* My multiple Pip surprised me this year with her selection for the Agility World Cup 2012, and she surprised me during our holiday in Sweden again ... after 8 months not to have trained with the sheep because our entire focus on the Agility World Championships, we had the possibility of a small flock in a very large field.
Pip had never trained at such distance and yeah she blow me away again with her herding instinct and went out for her out-run like she did it every day :-)

Look @ the video of our experience


* New summer pictures Jimi

* New picture Lennon (Loox & Inou)

* New picture Leaper (Loox & Emi)


* Haley took the 5e place @ the AC grade 2

* Jake won the AC & JC grade 2

* New picture Lucky one & Lucky for me

* New picture Lord Kaya

* New picture Linda

* Adjustment litter Roy & Lynn


* With proud I present Pip from day 1 till ...
Have FUN watching !!!

* New pictures from Bess


* Roy did it, his first pups with Phoebe
we expect around 9th of August !!!!

* Pictures - Luna Tale weekend 3e edition


* Roy has succeed in his agility licence he's able to
run competition in Belgium & abroad

* Pups in nine weeks from Loox & Azur

* Loox again 1e place at the JC !

* Mo 2th @ the AC and 1st on the game

* Haley a 4th place at the AG and a ticket to grade 3

* Haley & Moon both run clear @ the JC in gr 2

* Gyhro had a 3th place in the B-class obedience

* Club champion puppy's 2012 Luna Tale Lord Loy

* 1st place with 100/100 puppy's 2012 Lord Kaya


* Adjustment litter Loox & Odine

* New pictures from :
Luna - Cute - Ejay
- Moon - Bess
& Loox


* Our LT weekend is already passed

* Caine ended 3th at the flyball competition

* Joy has got the 1st place at the JC & AC (agility)

* New picture Loxley (Inou & Loox)

* New picture Link (Ejay & Loox)


* Adjustment Pups expected from our male dogs

* New picture Pip - Toya - Pan & Ike

* New picture Vigo & Tattoo


* Back from the Border Collie Classic,
where we with our foreign LT friends and dad Bandito celebrated Pip her selection for the
World Champion Cup.

* Pip run herself again into the countries finals like last year at the Border Collie Classic 2012.

* Toya run a 2th place at the Border Collie Classic in Germany and with BEST TIME !!!

* Sad news, Axel left us this weekend.
Much strength Rosette & Herman.


* New pictures Bess


* Our Caine ended with his team in the morning
on the 3e place and in the afternoon they
the final, he again run times as 3.92sec :o)

* Enya and her team have a new team record
in flyball 16,93 sec

* Pip ended 3e on the AC and 2e on the JC grade 3

* Moon was 2 times 5th in grade 2 on Sunday

* Jinn was 5th on the AC and 6th at the JC grade 2

* Jake ended 1st on the AC and 3th at the JC grade 2

* Em ended 3th at the JC in the Netherlands grade 3

* Buck got his las excellent and go to grade 2


* After the EO we have spent a week
@ Lotus Education by Jenny Damm, even
Luna thought it was super fun to see in the picture: o)

* Some pictures of Lotus Education

* Look @ Moon her clear Jumping
at the EO in Kristianstads - Sweden.

* New picture Lordkaya (Inou & Loox)

* New picture Lucas, Lou (Holly & Loox)

* New picture Kibo (Easy & Caine)


* With this we want yo thank our trainer/coach
Roger Mertens,
he also traveled to Sweden to coach us.

* Pip her first EO is already behind us. With 1 clear round, 1 with one bar and 2 disk we are certainly happy about this international competition.
Watch the video.

* Also Moon her first EO is over.
Moon also run 1 clean run so were very pleased because
of quite difficult courses at such young age is not easy.
Video images will follow.

* Matting Toya & Jimi transfer to 2013


* Back from Sweden, video & pictures coming soon

* Loox again 1e place on the JC and 6e OJ,
he now can GO to class 3 if we want to :o)

* Haley ran a 8e place at the JC & 6e on the AC

* Jump got his agility license


* New picture during herding training Roy

* New picture during herding training Jimi

* New picture Hush


* Adjustment Our kennel page

* Loox ran a clear AC & JC and get again 2 points to go
to class 3, only 1 point to go !!!

* Haley ran also 2 clear runs in class 2.

* Hush took the 1st place at the JC !!!

* New pictures Luna - Cute - Ejay - Moon & Bess


* New picture Lennon & Lordkaya (Inou & Loox)

* New picture Lucky you (Jadis & Caine)

* New picture Tattoo (Pip & Loox)

* New picture Loy (Ejay & Loox)

* New picture Toya (Cute & Bandito)

* New picture Gyhro (Ejay & Chap)

* New pictures Bess


* Our Caine was again rapidly during the flyball competition and his team won both races in the morning.
Because of much rain in the afternoon they even did not have to run the finals they would win them after all so they just won the finals because of all there winning runs in the morning, isn't that cool ?
Take a look at some fast runs.

* Our Loox was again brilliant during
the seminar with Polona Bonac

* Pip ran a clear AC in class 3


* Kota on weekend with SAR (search and rescue)
training for 2 days.
The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service was organizer
of this training.
Kota was doing great as always..
Being happy all the time :))

* Mo won the OC in Germany

* Our Loox took again the 1e place at the JC in class 2

* Haley ran 2 clear runs and ended
2x at the 9th place in class 2


* New pictures Moon

* New picture Caine and his pups

* Video from Loox his agility competition last Sunday.

* Video from Loox his agility
training in Friesland

* New picture Krazy (Humble & Caine)

* New picture Tattoo (Pip & Loox)

* Happy B-day to our B-litter


* Our Loox ran a clear AC again and ended 3th in class 2 and also got one ticket more to go to class 3 :-)

* Pip ran a clear JC on Saturday and Sunday and both runs were good for a 3th place in class 3.

* Moon ran a clear JC & AC this weekend in class 2.

* Haley ran a clear AC & JC on Sunday in class 2.

* Em ran a clear JC and ended 6th in class 3.

* Jedi has got his first Excellent in class 1.

* Our Caine ended 2th with his team during
the finals in flyball division 1 ( fastest team ).


* Moon & Roy ar both free on cea/pra
so they will be the parents of our M-litter

* Roy is also Gonioscopie free

* Moon ran a clear AC and ended 2th
from 199 dogs in grade 2
She also got her first ticket to go to grade 3 :-)
Here you see the video

* New pictures Cute, Bess & Loox

* New picture Lennon, Lordkaya & Loxley
(Inou & Loox)




Now I really have to brag :o)
Pip just 3 years
and after 8 selections
she's selected for ....

Yeah yeah, you read that right

World Championship 2012
Czech Republic



* Bess her first herding pictures

* First herding video Bess

* New picture Kaya (Inou & Loox)

* New picture Tattoo (Pip & Loox)


* Many new pictures of little Bess

* New video of little Bess @ 11 weeks

* Our stud dog walk 2012 gave us a marvelous picture
look at our kennel page


* Here the Link to Pip her WC selection on Sunday,
still one more selection to go on the 23th of June.
So please all fingers and paws crossed
for our little mouse !!!!


* Loox ended 3th place at the AC in class 2 agility & he has his first ticket to class 3 :o)

* Pip ended 2th place at the AC in class 3 agility
during the WC selection

* Haley ran 2 clear runs in class 2 agility

* Jake was 2 times on the 3th place agility

* Joy 3th place at an unofficial agility competition

* Joy ended 1st in obedience national OPEN class, and got advancement to the national WINNERS class!

* Jinn ran her first herding trial in style !!!


* Pip & Moon are both selected for the
European Open Agility Sweden 2012 !!!