The Boys

Official name : My Trusted Friend Dear Roy

Date of Birth: °31/03/2011

Height : 55 cm       Weight : 20 kilo ( 11 months )

CEA/PRA : Free 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015

Gonioscopie : Free

DNA CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA TNS : Normal

DNA CL : Normal

DNA MDR1 : Normal

DNA IGS : Normal

HD = B2      ED = 0/0      SD (OCD) = 0/0

Behavior test = Yes


Breeding certificate : Yes



HERE you can see Roy his offspring from outside my kennel & HERE from in my kennel !!!
He has a total of 36 offspring just about anywhere in the world,
France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Slovakië, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey.
Roy is no longer available for stud because he gave two offspring with epilepsy.

Roy, our male from Norway.
This dog is just like his parents double registered and come from pure herding lines.
Astra Rikky (Bell x Rex) Canen Kane (Canen Sable x Baz)Many thanks to Hege to take care of Roy's first weeks, you did a marvelous job.

We are so happy you gave us this wonderful and lovely boy. During our trip to Belgium, Roy behaved well.
It was obvious he was well socialized by Hege.
Also car trips he already knew several weeks and underwent it with pleasure.

I wanted a working dog and I got one!
At 9 weeks showed Roy us his talents while we enjoyed it.
Now he's 1 year and his style and focus are unbelievable.
He will not let a sheep loose and has enough pressure to move a flock of 500 sheep.
He's everything I could wish for, strong, listen, and hard worker.

Roy is very keen in agility.
Now he's 7months we started with some groundwork and ... he loves it !!!
He's eyes are very focused.
Roy is competing in class 2.

Roy took Bronze at the Agility Championship of his club in 2012
this was only his second competition !!!
In 2012 Roy got Silver at the Provincial Championship with his team !!!

Roy follows obedience especially for socialization with other dogs.
He finds it all quite fun and has a good interaction with Guido his owner.

At 5,5 months Roy took SILVER on the Club championship Obedience !!!

Roy knew from the first lesson what we wanted him to do.
Like everything he went for it and loved it !

Roy lives with our friends Kristina & Guido and their bc's : Bowy, Cliff en Vasco.
Kristina & Guido will raise Roy and later they will be seen on competitions, time will tell in which sport.
I am very pleased that they welcome him into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Roy from day 1 till 10 months