Luna Tale Hurricane " Caine "
The Boys

Official name : Luna Tale Hurricane FCI ( L.O.S.H. : 1046998 )


CEA/PRA : free 2009/2010 /2011

Gonioscopie : Free less then 25% fibrae latae: not affected

Tall : 55 cm        Weight : 21 kilo

DNA-CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA-TNS : Normal by parentage

DNA-CL : Normal by parentage

DNA-MDR1 : Normal by parentage

HD = B1     ED = 0/0    ED (OCD) = 0/0 

DNA - code : Yes

Behavior test - Succeeded 

Breeding certification : Yes



Click HERE to see his offspring !
His offspring shows quality both in character and working ability on different fields.
Caine inherits : black, blue, brown, lilac, saddle pattern and all these colors in tri !

Caine is the first dog we kept from our own breeding.
Together with his brilliant medical report that is pretty amazing, from day one it was love at first sight,
he looks exactly the way I had imagined him to in my wildest dreams.
Caine has also a very strong motivation to work so watch out for this little fellow in the future.
Above that he has a charming personality. He is full of happiness and very lovely.
He's fast in thinking and so easy to work with.
Due to his extreme intelligence and creativity – though he's able to accomplish all my commands if needed –
he likes to work and solve situations independently.
His excellent character and working ability were evident at a very young age already.
He is very adaptive to any situation or exercise.
With his charming character he carries anyone soon off his feet.

At the age of 3 months and after just a few times with the sheep Caine is working really well.
He keeps the flock perfectly together, but he always keeps a high pace.
‘Come bye’ and Away’ are natural to him.
During his second trial he ended 2 runs at the 1st place over all he ended 1st ;o)
We run a couple of trials a year.

Caine has started fly ball in division 1 ( fastest team ).
After only 2 lessons he was already familiar with the 4 jumps.
During his very first race he ran a time of 4.20sec.
Now he runs a time of 3.75sec !!! So Fast.

On 18-09-2011 captured Caine with his team the Belgium Record 16,54 sec !!!

After only one training Caine started his first competition at Vilvoorde.
He had fun and tried his best, along with Sabine, they earned a 7th place !!!
Some more training and hop to the ... o)
Look at his Belgium Championship here.
In 2010 Caine become together with Sabine Vice Belgium Champion Canicross !!!!!!!!!!

Caine managed to catch the frisbee while he was in the air from the very first time.
It's great to keep him in good form and he loves it!

Caine lives with our friends Peter & Kristel and their son Steven.
Peter will raise Caine as his own dog and practice in a dog sport later.
I am very pleased that they have welcomed him into their home, my greatest thanks for this.
He can play with mom Ejay , Grandma Luna and aunt Cute & Pip whenever he is with us.
And of course his best friend Moon
They will show him what sprinting is and teach him what life is all about.

Caine from day 1 till now