Luna my first bitch
The Girls

Official name : Xennah

Nickname : Luna, Loentje, Poep

Date of Birth : 02/10/1998

Tall : 50 cm        Weight : 17 kilo

CEA/PRA, free

show result : Very Good

HD : A

behavior test : Very Good



I visited quite a number of breeders during my quest for a Border Collie pup.
I did not seem to find what I was looking for until I came across the litter of Maeglin U'moss & Charro.
One of the pups left the puppy-pen and came straight to me, my heart was stolen right away!
That was Luna, and we have been best friends ever since.
I decided to start breeding her because of her eagerness to work and her open character.
Luna has given us 28 pups - 14 bitches and 14 dogs. All deliveries happened without any problem.
She is spayed now.
Luna lives a bit in her own world, she is quite an independent bitch.
She is very eager to work on sheep but that’s mainly because she pleases herself with this activity.
Since we both love sheep herding we are really suited for each other.
I kept two of her daughters so that I will be able to continue breeding with Luna’s bloodline.
After all, the kennel was named after her!
While breeding with her offspring, I will make her live forever.

Below Luna @ the age of 15 years

Both Luna’s parents were competing at herding trials at international level.
So I was curious to see if they carried over this “gift” to their daughter and decided to teach her to herd.
From the first time she saw sheep in motion she forgot all about me and she only had eye for the woolly
When she was young Luna was not that easy to teach. She had a strong will and everything had to go fast.
After a few months of hard work we succeeded in controlling a flock of sheep.
Luna’s strong side is her “outrun”.
She likes to retrieve the sheep from a very long distance.
We now have a small flock of sheep, so we can train a few times a week.
She also likes to herd ducks, chickens, rabbits and cats.

When we found out that Luna was interested in canicross, I decided that my girlfriend could take her along during
her runs. It could improve her endurance for sheepdog trialling and it could also help to “keep her waist slim” ;o)
Luna enjoyed it very much! She quickly understood the game, she started pulling in such a way
that Sabine had to speed up a bit. They started competing in 2005 with the occasional competition.
They both enjoyed it. So, the year after that they competed at quite some competitions and
that resulted in a qualification for the Belgium Canicross Championship 2006.
I’m really proud of Luna for what she already gave me.
I will never be able to give her back as much as she gave me…..
Sabine and Luna won SILVER at the Belgium Canicross Championship !!!
was almost eight years of age at the time!

Luna is always ready for a game even she's 15 years on this picture.

Luna 15 years & 3 months on the picture below