Luna Tale Cute
The Girls

official name : Luna Tale Cute

Date of Birth : 24/02/2003

Tall : 50 cm        Weight : 17 kilo

CEA/PRA : free

DNA CEA/CH : Carrier

DNA TNS : Normal

DNA CL : Normal

DNA MDR1 : Normal

HD : A       ED : 0/0         SD (OCD) : 0/0

DNA code : Progenus nr 90670



I kept Luna Tale Cute from Luna’s third litter. There were 9 pups in the litter,
3 dogs and 6 bitches. Cute was a tiny puppy but she grew into a nicely built bitch.
She’s still a pretty slim dog but she has a nice height for a bitch.
Thanks to her golden color you cannot miss her in between my other border collies.
I often call her my GOLDfish, not only because of her color but also because of her golden heart!
really looks up at me and she has an enormous “will to please”.
She will do anything to please me, she would bring me from the moon to heaven if I asked her to.
I’m really proud to have been given the privilege to have her in my life.
Together we enjoy some sport activities and that also makes me really proud.

We quickly pushed through to Level 3, the highest level in Belgian Agility FCI.
She was repeatedly selected for the Belgian Championship.
In 2007 we were selected for the Big Price of Belgian !!!
In 2010 we were selected for the finals at the BCC in Hungary.
Also in 2010 we were selected to take part at the European Open in Czech Republic .

In our first season we won the BRONZE at the Antwerp Provincial Championship
in Level 1.
In our second season we returned home from the Provincial Championship with GOLD,
in Level 2.
In 2006 Cute selected herself for the Belgian Agility Championship !!!
2007 - 2008 & 2011 Cute was selected for the Big Price of Belgian !!!
In 2010 Cute was selected for the European Open Agility in Hungarian !!!
In 2012 Cute got SILVER at the Provincial Championship level veteran,
after winning the jumping course and second the the agility course !!!

I do some sheep herding with Cute, at home. Cute has so much eye that I had to train her in a entirely different
way than her mother, Luna, from the start. What Luna did not want to do is what Cute likes the most,
“lie down and give eye”.
But eventually, after lots of training and patience, we succeeded to teach her everything to go on trial.
We compete at one trial in 2006. Although I left my pole during the drive, she did get all the gates nicely and,
to my surprise, was really strong.
In her second trial she took SILVER in class 1 and in her 3rd trial she took GOLD out of 26 dogs.
In 2008 we ran 8 trials and, except for one trial, Cute stood on each podium o)))
Now we run Novice class !!!!!!!!
Watch her herding with our flock of sheep.

When we have a Sunday free Cute and myself take part on Canicross Competitions.
Here as well she runs to get on the podium.
Out of the 4 competitions we took part in, Cute ended up 3 times on the podium.
In 2008 we ended 5th at the Belgium Canicross Championship!!

Cute from day 1 till an adult