Somollis Chap
Our Boys

Official name : Somollis Chap

Date of Birth : 02/09/2003

CEA/PRA, free (each year)

CEA/CH DNA : Normal

TNS DNA : Clear

CL DNA : Clear

HD = B


Chap is a male dog for which I searched for a long time. We went to Denmark to take him home when he
was barely 7 weeks of age. He is born in Sweden but he has his roots in Wales and Scotland.
He carries pure ISDS bloodlines. His father was bred by Glyn Jones, who lives in Wales and is one of the most
famous Border Collie breeders and handlers. Chap’s mother was born in Scotland.
She was bred by Bobby Dalziel whose dogs are also very famous because of their results in sheepdog trialling.
His father, Bwlch Hjalmar ISDS 257 678, competes at sheepdog trials in Sweden,
Scotland and Wales with great success.
Chap has a super temperament and he has everything to be a great working dog. He herds anything that moves.
If there are no sheep around he will herd other dogs, chickens or rabbits :o).
Klick HERE to see his offspring outside our kennel !

It is clear that Chap inherited his herding instinct from his parents and grandparents.
was fetching sheep already when he was a young pup, even if they were trooped together against the fence.
His “will to please” is huge; he would work himself to death for you.
His has a real nice working style and an enormous level of pressure on the sheep.
He would show his full qualities in larger country sides with lots of sheep.
Chap works with his mind, he will explore and value the sheep in such a way that he does
not have to run a meter too much to the left or right.